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Featured Product
3 Strand Synthetic Rope
Utilizing manufacturers like Cordage Columbian Rope we can cover all of your synthetic rope needs. Eureka Karat 3 Strand Rope is the strongest, easiest to handle, most durable, synthetic rope. Eureka Karat is a long-wearing and dependable rope for jobs that require high surface friction resistance. It also has maximum UV resistance and is impermeable to most acids, alkalis, rot, and mildew. Eureka Karat Synthetic Rope is also available in 8 strand.
Featured Product
8 Strand Synthetic Rope
Yankee Blend Karat 8 Strand Synthetic Rope is designed for jobs that require high surface friction resistance. The rope is constructed of 100% EStalon fiber core encased in a 100% plied yarn filament polyester covering. This unique combination produces ropes of high strength, durability, and excellent handling features. Call Us to find out more or see what other synthetic ropes we have in stock!