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Featured Product
Extra Improved Plow Steel(EIPS)
Equipment designers are specifying Extra Improved Plow Steel Grade Wire Rope for the operating ropes on today's higher rated cranes, taking advantage of its higher Nominal Strength to help reduce total system weight. In addition, existing machines can be made to conform to today's more stringent design factors with EIPS. Now when you replace ropes, you can get the capacity your cranes were designed to deliver.
Featured Product
Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
Exclusive Flex-X 19 construction gives you a smooth and extremely compact wire rope with more steel in the cross-section than ordinary ropes. The result is a higher strength-to-diameter ratio, along with improved rope handling, operating, and spooling characteristics. If you want to cut down wear on your sheaves and drums, Flex-X 19 is your rope.
Featured Product
6x37 Class Wire Rope
6x37 Classification wire rope is the perfect choice for for fatigue resistance. Although there are exceptions, the constructions in the 6x37 Classification are primarily designed to be the most efficient for each rope diameter. As the rope size increases, for instance, a large number of wires can be used to achieve required fatigue resistance and still those wire will be large enough to adequate resistance to abrasion.